I started creating collage art in 2007 to come up with original designs for an original clothing line I founded with a friend in Orange County, NY. Eventually I moved to Brooklyn in 2008 and started to focus more on working with collage as a fine art. My art, like my mind, is a combination of comedy and chaos, with elements of music, vintage horror and sci-fi. My work ranges from seven-foot-long cartoon metropolises, to fictional album covers, to  take-out Greek diner coffee cups embedded with tiny paper worlds.

I also use nostalgic material from my childhood from the 80s, such as VHS Tape boxes, video game cartridges, and any other 80's house hold items that could cause you to experience flashbacks. Being the collector that I am, I set out to assemble some of my favorite collage artists from NYC, and so in 2013 the Brooklyn Collage Collective was born. You can find more information and the art of the BCC @

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